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Beauty in destruction
Blue weasel
vandringar wrote in naturesbeauty
I photographed this little forest/chaparral fire in September 2002 a little ways south of San Jose, California. The chaparral environment needs regular fires in order to maintain itself. Many of the plants native to these environments have oils that actually help fire spread, and sprout again from the roots into the enriched, cleared soil. Many seeds also lay dormant until subjected to fire here, as well.

overcast day in autumn forest
daniar wrote in naturesbeauty

Autumn Birds at the Arlington Reservoir
neitherday wrote in naturesbeauty
canada geese in flight
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Some photoes from me
elfenokster wrote in naturesbeauty
So, it's time I finally posted some pics:0))

Protvino, Russia, Autumn colours:

Sunset somewhere near Chehov, Russia

Scotland in winter (2005)
Daenerys Targaryen, GOT
_ithilienranger wrote in naturesbeauty
Here are a few photos from 2 year ago that I dug up! This was on our christmas day walk! They were taken down in the lowlands of Scotland where my grandparents live, (I live up North in the Highlands - pictures of that someday soon). Hope you like!