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(no subject)
stock - blue skies
aerithia wrote in naturesbeauty

cape ann, massachusettsCollapse )

Gold Field
[celeb] Megan Fox (candid) 2
music_fun wrote in naturesbeauty

Gold Field by *immortal91 on deviantART

Russian autumn, moscow region vol.2
merry_poppinz wrote in naturesbeauty
gold, scarlet and turquoise

There're 14 pictures under the cut. I've chosen some for the community I so much love.

upd: I hope it's okay that I put 4 pics above the cut, they are small and almost harmless :)

Foggy Morning Spiderwebs
Tangent OR - Entering Tangent
maida_mac wrote in naturesbeauty
Two pics are behind the cut, just webs without the spider.

Click for damp spider webs, 800px on biggest side.Collapse )

The full gallery can be found here. It does include the resident in one of the webs in some pictures. There are also thumbnails of the other shots on this blog post.

Thanks for looking!

(no subject)
cureanything wrote in naturesbeauty
Autumn descent

maui, hawaii.
xlovesuicide wrote in naturesbeauty
click photos for other sizes

+3 sunsetCollapse )

fly_md wrote in naturesbeauty

+3 moreCollapse )

Interesting tree...
moontrail wrote in naturesbeauty

oh to be free
cloud eyecon
cosmiccircus wrote in naturesbeauty

5 pictures from Montana
Dragonfly Fairy
drag_n_fly77 wrote in naturesbeauty

^^This picture is still pretty even taken from the inside of a truck.

(no subject)
garlic pentagram
mactavish wrote in naturesbeauty
Sunrise from my yard, September 2007
Sunrise from my yard
September 2007

Dogwoods in bloom
xrockxsteadyx wrote in naturesbeauty
 dogwoodtrees.jpg picture by jackie1185