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Looking up!
Chrissy: Glittery Lips
vacillated wrote in naturesbeauty
From my backyard...

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Sunbeams through branches and leaves makes me so happy. :)

Cross-posted to aforestwhisper. :)

The Washington Elm
neitherday wrote in naturesbeauty
This is the tree which General George Washington stood under when he took command of the Continental army in 1775. The old tree has seen a lot in its time.

washington elm
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Autumn in Russia
alexs70 wrote in naturesbeauty
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xrockxsteadyx wrote in naturesbeauty
 yellowflower.jpg picture by jackie1185 

flowers.jpg flowers picture by jackie1185 

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optimisticchild wrote in naturesbeauty

I was walking on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk during 
sardine season and I i found these little thingys on the 
ground so i snapped a shot of them. Then I looked closer 
at them and I thought - Yuck! Have I been walking on these 
the whole time?

They look like little silver stones....

...but they are fish heads. How mean?

Oh and i was walking to Safeway and i found this guy. 
How cute? - Very cute!

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Dragonfly Fairy
drag_n_fly77 wrote in naturesbeauty
This was in an email I got the other day.  BEAUTIFUL!!  I loved it and wanted to share it.