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Setting Sun
Sweetest Kiss
rosy wrote in naturesbeauty
Last week, I was roller blading around the track at the park while my kids practiced soccer, and the sky was just so breathtakingly beautiful that I had to stop and snap a picture of it with my phone.

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krystallic wrote in naturesbeauty

first post. Howe Cavern, NY
glass dragonfly
twygsta wrote in naturesbeauty
During our camping expedition, We discovered Howe's Caverns only a short trip up the road. I included the some of the family in this photo tour to give a size reference of the surrounding features.

What an amazing place! It was almost 90 degrees outside. Down there it is a wet, humid 55 degrees all year round. The tour is about an hour and a half long. It starts with an elevator ride 150+ feet down. You walk a while and then climb into a boat that takes you to the end of the cavern's electric lights.
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