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Montana Elk
ccat50 wrote in naturesbeauty

I photographed this elk at the National Bison Range, which is about forty miles north of where I live. I have seen a lot of elk and I think this is one of the largest racks I have ever seen. It was so cool to watch him submerge his entire head in the river to get to the vegetation growing under the water.

xlovesuicide wrote in naturesbeauty
grand teton national park & yellowstone national park.
click photos for larger versions.

wyoming- grand teton 1

+3 moreCollapse )

more landscape photos on my FLICKR.

breast of entish woman :)
felis_melas wrote in naturesbeauty
have you read Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", do you remember the story about Fangorn, ents and entish women..?
so look at some entish erotics

Jungle Safari
A happy me
blaahblah wrote in naturesbeauty
Spotted Deer 

Spotted deer in the jungle taken during a Safari

Quite freaky to be stared at especially in the wilderness.

That's how close one can get to the wild elephants...again taken during the safari ride in the jungle.