July 7th, 2007


Roraima "Table Top" mountain, in Venezuela. Photoreport.

From the ongoing Round The World trip of stusik_i_sharik

A photo report of the most magical place we've ever been to in South America!

It is the tallest Tipui in the world and sits on the tri-border of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana. Like its shorter brothers it floats like and island in a sea of jungle and it's tall vertical walls have been preventing anything from getting onto its plateau. People were able to reach Roraima's top only in the past one hundred and twenty years where I bet its views and unique flora don't fail to amaze even the biggest skeptics. No wonder the rumor is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has chosen this place to be the setting of "The Lost World".

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blue sky

Sunset on Lake Superior

I was at Lake Superior last week on vacation.  My in-laws, knowing I like photography, suggested a sunset boat trip around the Apostle Islands.  It turns out we picked the absolute perfect day for it.  Sunset pictures often fail to capture the beauty of the real thing, but I'm pleased with these. 

That's northern Minnesota over on the far horizon.

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