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Good Morning-Catalpa tree
carolag55 wrote in naturesbeauty

Came across this unusal Catalpa tree with long beans on it.  It loves humid weather and you can see these trees all over Louisiana.

Pear tree
carolag55 wrote in naturesbeauty
Pear trees every where here in Louisiana.  Not ripe yet, but it will not be long.

carolag55 wrote in naturesbeauty
Poncho, my chihuahua loves the outdoors, but seems ready for his walk.  Our RV companion.

Baton Rouge Zoo
carolag55 wrote in naturesbeauty

Baton Rouge Zoo I visit from time to time.  stork and egretcool!

natures flowers
carolag55 wrote in naturesbeauty
More beautiful roses from the Rose Garden in Shreveport, LA

Doggie walk
carolag55 wrote in naturesbeauty
Time for the doggie walk.  Hope all is well with everyone today.Lifes to short!  Enjoy each day........

aqua .
ownselfbetrue wrote in naturesbeauty

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Donate Life
donor4him wrote in naturesbeauty
I took this picture last week at my son's cub scout day camp.  I'm not sure what kind of flower it is, but I thought it was pretty anyway.  :o)

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summer | polaroid
a_n_d_o_s wrote in naturesbeauty

photograph by me