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Sweet William in my flower garden...
kitty and butterfly
happytootum wrote in naturesbeauty
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(no subject)
nakeddementia wrote in naturesbeauty
hi all. i am new here. these pix are months old- but i want to share 'em anyway.
the ducks are marching across the ice
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east rock
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pink flower collection
murmur_darling wrote in naturesbeauty

Hello, I'm new to the whole live journal thing period, let alone joining a group.
I've been taking pictures for about three years now.



2007 same tree, different perspective


Cardinal lifespan
oshngirl wrote in naturesbeauty
We had a Cardinal nest outside our front door this month and I got to take pictures of them growing without disturbing the nest.

Day maybe two at the most after hatching!

To read the full story in my journal and see all the pictures of the little dudes click here

Some pictures from Denmark
seeking_penpals wrote in naturesbeauty
A lovely walk in the forest
A walk in the lovely forest - June 2007

December 2006
Walking a December Day 2006