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Russian forest. Wolga region
daniar wrote in naturesbeauty

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fullmetalkosmos wrote in naturesbeauty
Am I the only one who thinks that thunder and rain can sound so beautiful?
I recorded this only 45 seconds but I think it's enough.
I don't like thunder that much, it scares me, but the sound of rain makes me feel so melancholic.
Mhhh, guess I'm just weird XD.

ian_green wrote in naturesbeauty
vishera2007a31 (c) ian green 2007 vishera

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fuzz_66 wrote in naturesbeauty

although more man made than natural these four looked quite stunning in their settings

found this little prince/princess posing in our pond this afternoon

cardinal Beetle
overton_cat wrote in naturesbeauty
draycote meadows 03052007-10

Pyrochroa serraticornis.

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