June 3rd, 2007

these little earthquakes

Apple Photographs

New here. :)

'a crowd' - larger pic available here


I also have two apple tree photographs... and I can't decide which one to scrap and which one to keep. I would much appreciate concrit, and help deciding between them!

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Rec'd lens(es) for wildlife photography?

I am not new to photography, but am relatively new to digital photography (I purchased this my first-- and only, so far-- digital SLR in June of '06) and in general, have very limited experience with all the sorts of equipment out there. I own a Canon 30D with a 17mm-40mm zoom lens.

I am looking to get into wildlife photography, but am overwhelmed by the numerous options out there. What sort of lens(es) do you recommend, for those who've experience in this area? Other equipment recommendations?

Thank you in advance. (If this post is not allowed, let me know and I will delete it.)

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