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(no subject)
overton_cat wrote in naturesbeauty
flecknoe 23052007-35

Welcome to the Kingdom of Flowers!
chica_de_madrid wrote in naturesbeauty
Hey, everybody!!!
So excited. This is my first post to this community.

I would like to share with you the beauty of Keukenhof - the biggest spring garden of Holland.
I was there the last weekend before its closing till the next year.
Although some of the flowers had ceased blossoming, there were a great variaty of them.

Hope to hear some comments on them from ya :)

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(no subject)
tightrope with umbrella
padaviya wrote in naturesbeauty
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Early morning Sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
sunset__kiss wrote in naturesbeauty
I decided to go up to the mountains yesterday morning to catch the sunrise. Here are some pictures:

K, well I didn't get to go mountain climbing like I wanted since my camera batteries were about to die and I didn't even think to recharge them last night. And no, I cannot go hiking without my camera. So maybe tommorow, or maybe even this evening. Buttttt, I did manage to get some pictures.. hope you enjoy!

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