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с таксой и салюкой
sapegin wrote in naturesbeauty

sparrow doesn't like paparazzi
felis_melas wrote in naturesbeauty
to see that -
look here
to tell the truth, I was going to make picture with magnolia blosom (that's magnolia tree, where the sparrow is sitting), but get an idea to make a picture with the nice little birg too... And the nice little bird turned to that pose immediately!

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cureanything wrote in naturesbeauty

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salad_barbarian wrote in naturesbeauty
Hello, I've been watching this community for a while and decided I should post something. So here are some pictures I took around Maple lake near Chicago. Just click on them to make them a whole lot larger.

Several more are behind this cut. Read more...Collapse )
Thanks for looking.

Back to the Bald Hills
rant, city crab
rantingranger wrote in naturesbeauty
I couldn't properly enjoy the lupine bloom on Tuesday's training schedule, so I returned with friends and family over the weekend; the sun's schedule took our light and warmth elsewhere, but I still enjoyed the trip and hope you enjoy these images.

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Head uphill with me once more ...Collapse )

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fuzz_66 wrote in naturesbeauty

and lastly one that has already gone because of mans greed