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Northern Caucas. My photos
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Redwood National Park's (Not So) Bald Hills
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Cross-posted all over the place; my apologies to those of you who see this more than once.

I suggest visiting California in spring; I suggest visiting the redwoods in late spring; and I suggest visiting Redwood National Park's Bald Hills Road right now.

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I began my first week of my third summer season as an interpretive ranger at Redwood National Park on Monday, and we spent Wednesday afternoon training in the field. For updates on vegetation and fire management within the parks, we began our afternoon at Lyons Ranch at the park's southern boundary. Ranchers burned the prairies on the ridgelines above the redwoods to provide more nutritious grazing for their cattle, just as the local tribes have for elk and deer over millenia, and as the park's fire management staff now does within its boundaries. Our main fire guy informed us that two years after such a prescribed burn, the purple lupine often respond with robust blooms; but in over twenty years on the job, he had never seen a bloom quite like this.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If you can make the trip, visit now and take that extra time to explore Bald Hills Road beyond the redwood forest; you'll get a special treat that we just can't offer any old time!