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Cleopatra's Needles
roses_ramble wrote in naturesbeauty

Went native orchid hunting with my son. I was very excited when I found this one. It's a member of the Sun Orchid family - Thelymitra.

black_i_liner wrote in naturesbeauty
I got bored this morning and decided to take some photos of some various seashells I have collected over the years. Most of these shells were collected on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean near Miami, Florida. The Moon Snail was found in Leto Key, Florida which is near Sarasota, Florida. Click the cut for larger images so you can see the details of the shells. Hope you all like!

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Sally Sells Seashells by the SeashoreCollapse )

colours of spring
(c) unknown
felis_melas wrote in naturesbeauty
through the bush ))

look here

Rainy Morning
eccentricmadcap wrote in naturesbeauty
New here....
Took this while walking through an old cemetery in Kansas City one morning.

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silloutte dream
clark_inda_dark wrote in naturesbeauty