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(no subject)
ccat50 wrote in naturesbeauty
My husband and I spent three days in Yellowstone Park last summer.  I took this photograph early in the morning.  Everything was so calm and peaceful and quiet, all the other tourists had not shown up yet. 

Sunset, Beach, and Man
row1971 wrote in naturesbeauty

This is a place where swarms of protected whalesharks go from February to April. The sunset is equally magnificent.

Bilung Pool
roses_ramble wrote in naturesbeauty

A lovely place in Western Australia, with emu and kangaroo appearing now and again.

A Child's Face In The Middle Of Trees In Winter
row1971 wrote in naturesbeauty

A "Frosted" Apple In Germany
row1971 wrote in naturesbeauty

Too cute not to share
dosequisgirl wrote in naturesbeauty
My son and I went to our usual park today and found a few nice little surprises waiting for us.
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The happy familyCollapse )

Birds on Rhine
alwdis wrote in naturesbeauty
by _m_u_ :-)
bird`s parade

kimbean wrote in naturesbeauty
The fog rolling in over the northside of Chicago.

It looks like smoke, but it's not.

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