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Two sundays ago, in the early spring
mos_nhymp wrote in naturesbeauty
This is my sunday from 2 weeks ago. Spring has evolved a lot since then, what used to be some modest buds and very faint hints of green back in this they have become young lush greenery leaves half stretched out. But it was an absolutely wonderful day to enjoy the early spring. We went to a Natura wildlife protection area where they have two completely different trails open for public.

First trail has alluvial forests, floodplain and the river:

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Second trail "takes one through typical dry pine forests on sandy soils, and crosses fens and transitional bogs by way of wooden path, passing through bog islands":

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It's also my first post here. Freshly joined although I've been watching for a while. Hi all.

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roses_ramble wrote in naturesbeauty

Flower on the Silky Grevillea. Belongs to the Proteacae family and grows as a tree or tall shrub. It is common up the the Kimberly Region in the far north east of Western Australia.

oshngirl wrote in naturesbeauty
I <3 the Gardens at the university near here! Wanted to share a few pics +3Collapse )

Patrick's Point State Park, Trinidad, California
DK Half Pint
crazylife99 wrote in naturesbeauty
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Sunset in Singapore
vanitakaneson wrote in naturesbeauty
This was taken a few days ago. Looked kind of ominous to me. =p

Sun through the branches
mossy cave
naturesfriend wrote in naturesbeauty
Light shines through