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White-tail bucks
ccat50 wrote in naturesbeauty
These are our neighborhood deer.  They are very used to humans and they love to eat all the fruit that drop from our fruit trees.  We have been watching them grow since they were fawns. 

с таксой и салюкой
sapegin wrote in naturesbeauty

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myy wrote in naturesbeauty
A butterfly I followed last week

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some of my shots
pallavesta wrote in naturesbeauty

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A walk through the woods, part two...
dylansbeard wrote in naturesbeauty

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in_thelight wrote in naturesbeauty

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"sea anemone" - spring edition
(c) unknown
felis_melas wrote in naturesbeauty

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stanieldaniel wrote in naturesbeauty
Here are some of my pictures from our Easter camping trip in the Wind River Experimental Forest in south west Washington (Here is a PDF brochure if you would like to check it out)

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river on a rainy day
stanieldaniel wrote in naturesbeauty
Columbia River on our way back from camping Easter weekendCollapse )