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Hi, I'm new!
black_i_liner wrote in naturesbeauty
Hello all! I am new here. I took a little break from LJ land and decided to come back but instead of talking about my boring ole life I decided to make it a photo-log of sorts. I recently got into the art of photography and would very much like to hear your thoughts on what I've been able to capture so far. Remember I am an amateur, so be gentle, please :)

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ex_iam138 wrote in naturesbeauty
Shakti  Dances With Shiva

They sit together in the same place,
Both wearing a garment of light.
From the beginning of time
They have been together,
Reveling in their own Supreme Love.
They created a difference
To enjoy this world.
When that "difference"
Had one glimpse of their intimacy
It could not help but merge
Back into the bliss
Of their eternal union.

Without the God,
There is no Goddess,
And without the Goddess
There is no God.
How sweet is their love!
The entire universe is too small
To contain them,
Yet they live happily
In the tiniest particle.


spring flowers
in_thelight wrote in naturesbeauty


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Homework Help!
rant, city crab
rantingranger wrote in naturesbeauty
Ahoy there, natural beauties. As I wrap up my college degree (at the age of 26 with a 10-month-old son and five years of park rangerly experience), I need to complete a thematic map for my cartography class, and I'd appreciate any photographic help anybody could afford. Speaking of what anybody could afford, I know that giving anything away sucks, but neither college students, park rangers nor new parents have reputations for much money, and as all three, I have none! I can only offer you blatant credit for your contribution and a limited amount of advertising.

So if you want your images shown for months in the halls of Humboldt State University, with whatever amount of credit and contact information you feel comfortable sharing, please post images in the community of the following places in northern California:

- Lassen Peak or Lassen Volcanic National Park
- Mount Shasta
- Lake Tahoe
- Other Sierra Nevada Geologic Highlights
- Monterey Bay
- Golden Gate
- Northern Coast

Your images will appear along with a map I've developed showing that "Tectonics Drive Tourism in Northern California."

Alternatively, if anybody could point me toward good public domain images of the above geologic sites, I'd appreciate it just as much. Thanks for any help!

Rock Kurrajong
roses_ramble wrote in naturesbeauty

Isn't it amazing where some plants take root? Plants growing in little pockets of soil are often seen in the gorges in the northwest of Western Australia.

Cherry blossom
green scarf by milashka_lo
daizy_mk wrote in naturesbeauty
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket