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(no subject)
Animals (ducks!)
jumpinglegacy wrote in naturesbeauty
Don't you just love those cute little goslings? I got these shots from my truck on the way home from work today. In my city, the main thoroughfare traffic, all 6 lanes of it, come to a halt periodically throughout the remainder of the Spring months to stop for these families of Canadian Geese to cross the road between the side with the creek and the side with the pond. Today is warranting an extra long walk in the park!

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EDIT: I just walked my dogs through the park, and came back with more photos!
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Australian Candles!
roses_ramble wrote in naturesbeauty

These are the beautiful flowers of the Banksia hookerana which belong to the Proteacea family. A common plant which lights up the countryside.

Ducks, April 2007
tessa wrote in naturesbeauty
Hi, I'm new to this community so I thought I'd post a couple of recent photos from the Moscow botanical garden just to say hello
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spooky sun
writelifegirl wrote in naturesbeauty
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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