April 18th, 2007


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About the end of March something strange caught my eye when I was eating my breakfast - something was moving about in our kitchen window box, two stories off the ground. What was it? A blackbird, making a nest!

The female bird sat tight on her eggs for about 10 days, just inches from where I work. I diddn't dare take any pictures of her then in case it disturbed her into abandoning her nest. She laid 4 beautiful blue eggs.

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Currently they are living in the dense bushes at the bottom of our garden. I was amazed to learn that when blackbird chicks leave the nest they cannot fly, and are still completely dependant on their parents for another week! I doubt I'll get any more pictures as they are not so easy to get close to now, but that was one incredible nature lesson while it lasted :)

Christmas Mistletoe

Christmas Mistletoe is widespread throughout the Kimberley Region in the far northwest. This particular specimen I found not far out of the town of Broome, which is in the northwest of Western Australia! Perhaps a stray bird deposited the seed there.

It is a dense shrub, with erect or pendulous branches. The leaves mimic those of the host plant on which they grow.

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found this little fella when we went to South lakes Wild animal park

this was our little light sussex cockerell and his girl friend, the foxes had them both

hiding under a bush at Flamingoland, North Yorkshire

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