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Puerto Rico
jajara wrote in naturesbeauty
Castillo San Felipe del Morro
San Juan, Puerto Rico

see more of my photography at http://www.flickr.com/photos/themeadow/

My Moscow Spring | Ecologically Pure Photographs | Vol.2
rain | spring
a_n_d_o_s wrote in naturesbeauty

Photographs by me in my processing. 

с таксой и салюкой
sapegin wrote in naturesbeauty

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phrixus_nyx wrote in naturesbeauty
Just realised that I've not posted anything new on here all year. Have decided to rectify that by posting my favourite pics of the year so far. The rest, as always, can be found on Nereus

All photo's taken with a Sony Cybershot P150 with Sea & Sea YS90 Strobe & 16mm wide angle lens, macro shots taken with 1:2 lens.
All photo's taken at Shark's Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt apart from the Longnose Hawkfish which was taken on Thomas Reef.

Candy Hypselodorid (taken with macro lens)

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athsndwords wrote in naturesbeauty

While in Minnesota, I was fortunate enough to take a paddle-boat ride up the river that seperates Minnesota and Wisconsin.  One of the results of my adventure.

alexs70 wrote in naturesbeauty
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