April 3rd, 2007

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Requests: Redwoods, Table Mountains and Kamchatka

Ahoy there, nature's beauticians. I meant to ask in my last few posts whether anybody had good shots of redwoods or table mountains (in South Africa, California or elsewhere). I've also appreciated the wonderful work of our many Russian community members, and I wonder if any of you have visited the far east, particularly the volcanoes in Kamchatka. "Spuh-SEE-buh" (sorry, I can't type any Russian!) for what you've already shared and for the Kamchatka shots I hope to see!
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Russia-California Connection

Recent trans-Bering conversations have reminded me that I actually live closer to Kamchatka than most Russians; so close that 200 years ago, Russian fur trappers extended their business all the way to Fort Ross, just 140 km north of San Francisco. These conversations also reminded me of some lovely natural beauty I observed there in the spring of 2005.

My apologies if humans play too big a role in this image; I included it primarily for its non-human elements.

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