March 25th, 2007


Painting some seed pods

As posted to my art lj, spurkycreations, here's a little project I've been working on for the past month or so. I hope this type of art is allowed, as it is nature but it's nature I've changed...

Under recommendation, I baked them to kill bacteria so they would last after being painted:

I don't have a drying place so much as I just hang them all over my room to dry after being gessoed:

looks like they're attacking my models

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If anyone's actually interested in these, I could let the Starry Devil and Polka Devil go for $10 each.

Pictures of a caterpillar and her adult form

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Personally, I think she looks most like a Ruby Tiger Moth.

I found this caterpillar curled up on top of the snow about a month ago. It was VERY early for a caterpillar to be out & about (the landscape is just snow-covered! There are no plants out or anything), so I took her inside and she ate a bit and then made a cocoon and turned into this moth. I offered her flowers and sugar water but she had no interest and didn't fly away, which is why I assume she's female (many female moths just sit and try to attract male suitors). But after a few days, I let her go back outside in the midst of a sunny afternoon. Perhaps she found another early moth as a suitor.... :-/