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(no subject)
sorpresa03 wrote in naturesbeauty

Smilax laurifolia, Liliaceae, Larry and Penny Thomson Park, FL, USA

Luna and Venus
færie, astronomy, lightning
neitherday wrote in naturesbeauty
luna and veuns

Aruban divi divi trees
Palm tree
umassbluangel wrote in naturesbeauty

From February 2007 in Aruba.

(no subject)
loser_face_ wrote in naturesbeauty
These were both taken from the inside of a car, so they're kind of glassy looking. 

Painting some seed pods
grygon wrote in naturesbeauty
As posted to my art lj, spurkycreations, here's a little project I've been working on for the past month or so. I hope this type of art is allowed, as it is nature but it's nature I've changed...

Under recommendation, I baked them to kill bacteria so they would last after being painted:

I don't have a drying place so much as I just hang them all over my room to dry after being gessoed:

looks like they're attacking my models

More hereCollapse )

If anyone's actually interested in these, I could let the Starry Devil and Polka Devil go for $10 each.

Pictures of a caterpillar and her adult form
sand_piper wrote in naturesbeauty
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Picture of a caterpillar just beginning her cocoon, and another picture of her as an adult (fuzzy orange/red moth)Collapse )

Personally, I think she looks most like a Ruby Tiger Moth.

I found this caterpillar curled up on top of the snow about a month ago. It was VERY early for a caterpillar to be out & about (the landscape is just snow-covered! There are no plants out or anything), so I took her inside and she ate a bit and then made a cocoon and turned into this moth. I offered her flowers and sugar water but she had no interest and didn't fly away, which is why I assume she's female (many female moths just sit and try to attract male suitors). But after a few days, I let her go back outside in the midst of a sunny afternoon. Perhaps she found another early moth as a suitor.... :-/