March 16th, 2007

DK Half Pint

view from where I used to work;

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Alta Peak, Sequoia National Park, California

I used to work at a retreat center in Three Rivers, California. Three Rivers is the last town on Hwy 198 before you enter Sequoia National Park. Every day while at work I was able to look up and view Alta Peak located within Sequoia NP. I set the goal of making it to the top of that 12,000 ft mountain. Sadly I never obtained that goal before moving away. I did however make it to 10,000 ft on one of the trails leading to the top. But it was cold that day and probably would have been 25 degrees on top and I didn't have more then a sweatshirt to keep me warm. Making it to the top of Alta Peak is definitely on my "to do" list.