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Stoned SP
daddi_cade wrote in naturesbeauty
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New here. Waterfall pictures!
sunset__kiss wrote in naturesbeauty
HiHi. I just found this community a few days ago and it looks wonderful. :) I love to hike and I go hiking atleast twice a week now. I recently developed a love for waterfalls so I'm always trying to find one to top the last one I saw.

Here's some of my waterfall adventure pictures, all from the NC mountains.

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the sun is being suffocated
writelifegirl wrote in naturesbeauty
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new member post
california poppy
15_the_circle wrote in naturesbeauty

[crossposted from off topic posts to cottage renovations 15_the_circle]

(click through these thumbnails for higher resolution images)

two views of the same frond, as seen on a current visit to Southern California. 

frond shadows

frond flip side

Before Winter's Grip Completely Slips ...
rant, city crab
rantingranger wrote in naturesbeauty
... I thought California ought to get in on all the snow pictures. Living on the coast, I don't see a ton of snow, but those who got up earlier than me on 28 February got to see it on the beach. Still, by the time I bundled my baby Boy in the afternoon, we didn't have to travel more than a half hour to see this.

alexs70 wrote in naturesbeauty
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Butterfly Shots
echord1 wrote in naturesbeauty

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