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(no subject)
nokturnel wrote in naturesbeauty
I live in Iowa City, IA and I'm not sure how many of you heard about our ice storm on Friday/Saturday but it knocked out power and all that lovely stuff. Before it got too bad to be outside at all I took some pictures I think you guys just might appreciate!

We apparently have another storm system moving in for Wednesday so maybe I'll be able to catch some more pictures then as well.

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(no subject)
Full Moon
nokturnel wrote in naturesbeauty
I know I just posted an entry but I took a few more pictures. I really hope non of you mind at all.

12 images behind the cut.
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Great Falls, Paterson, NJ
hopefootos wrote in naturesbeauty

florida nature preserve
efg7 wrote in naturesbeauty

bigger? ok :)