February 12th, 2007

rant, city crab

Picture Posting Problems

Any teacher will tell you not to feel stupid about asking stupid questions, as many other silent kids in the class would like to ask the same thing. I hope that in asking for step-by-step posting instructions, I'll get help for at least a few other people.

If you look at the two images I've posted recently ("Inspired by cosmiccircus" and the one you see in the userpic sometime in January), you'll notice they appear pixilated in the posts. If you click on the image once, it takes you to a page where it loses the pixilation, and if you click on it again, it takes you to the lovely, perfect, unpixilated, full-size image. So I don't think that image quality poses the problem.

How do the rest of you get your images to come out correctly in the post itself?

I noticed many people use Flickr or Photobucket; I can tell you that editing it to the size specified in the profile through the rich text image upload doesn't work.

Please help!
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rant, city crab

I Think I've Got It ...

... thanks for the help, folks. I've never found FAQs helpful at all, even though my partner insists that LJ has great ones. I'd like to see a simple way to upload images in the profile as long as they require a minimum size beyond what point-and-click, rich-text idiots like myself can do. Or do you mean to keep out the riff raff? ;)>

Please join me in celebrating with this favorite image of northern California's Gold Bluffs Beach in spring of 2006.

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