January 13th, 2007

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New Community for Park Rangers

Hello, there. I've just joined the community, and look forward to fresh images of this beautiful world every time I click over to my friends page. Keep up the good work - especially you folks in Olympia! Snow keeps threatening us here on the northern end of California's coast, but we've yet to see it near sea level.

My love of this beautiful world led me to a career as a park ranger. If you currently work as a park ranger, used to work as a park ranger, have considered working as a park ranger or have even a passing interest in park rangers or closely related careers, I invite you to visit Worldwide Park Rangers - the Natural Community for Naturalists at park_rangers. Our first week has already generated some good discussion, but we remain raw enough that you can help shape the very character of the community. We look forward to your visit.

Thanks for your time, and continue enjoying nature's beauty; I'll continue working to keep my little corner of California natural and beautiful!
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