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LOVE ME Sakurai
jrock_kodama wrote in naturesbeauty

Wish it were a little more sharp, but this was one of those miracle shots that I've been trying to capture for years to no avail with nothing but an iPhone available. They're vivid purpleish periwinkle blue on the tops of their wings, and a very effective camouflage pattern underneath that looks like dried grass. Their trick to elude cameras is incredible- when sighted, they perch and go still on dead grass with their wings closed to conceal the periwinkle; nearly impossible to spot unless you saw them flying. This one waited for a while, then dashed off in erratic fluttering flight when it felt safe. I got only one shot in, and this is it.

Male Hemiargus ceraunus, "Ceraunus Blue". Orlando, Florida.

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They're absolutely stunning in person... camera (at least what I'm using) just can't capture it... it's like trying to capture a sunset.

What a lovely little butterfly! Thanks for sharing and "well done!" on getting the shot.

Thank you... fingers crossed, next opportunity will be better. 「(^。^' )

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